Youthpass – makes your learning visible

Objective(s) of the session

The session will introduce Youthpass; will allow a reflection on the learning value of the programmes and how this value can be made visible through Youthpass.

The session will include a presentation, followed up with questions from the audience.

Youthpass is the recognition instrument developed for the projects realised in the European youth programmes. Through the Youthpass certificate, participation in such projects can be recognised as an educational experience and a period of non-formal and informal learning. Youthpass foresees a process applied throughout the project life-cycle to support the learning of participants. It is also a strategy that improves the recognition of non-formal learning in Europe.

Project in the frames of which the session was developed

SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre


Eda Bakır

Currently working as an educational advisor in SALTO Training & Cooperation Resource Centre, working within the Youthpass Team. Previously worked as a youth worker in Italy focusing on inclusion and diversity education. A lifelong learner who is very much interested in bicycles and cats.