New approach to culture: ideas, opportunities, and experiences about cultural participation of youth

Objective(s) of the session

  • Audience gets to know the EU-funded EU4Culture project opportunities for young artists and cultural professionals and tips on how to apply for the project funding.
  • Audience becomes acquainted with the idea of “Culturepreneurship” and the importance of cultural participation of youth. 

This session will introduce the audience EU4Culture project and its opportunities for young people: mobility grants for artists and cultural professionals and grants for cultural and cross-innovation projects. The session will further explain the idea of “Culturepreneurship” and its importance. In addition, participants will be introduced to tips on how to get EU4Culture funding. The beneficiary, who already received a mobility grant will share her experience with her recently implemented project. 

The session will be divided into two main parts of 20 minutes each. In the first session, two main speakers will present the concept of “Culturepreneurship” and EU4Culture opportunities. These presentations will be followed by a 5-minute of Q&A. In the second session, two guest speakers will share tips and experiences. This session will also be followed by a 5-minute of Q&A.

Project in the frames of which the session was developed

EU4Youth: development of employment of the youth vulnerable groups


Mariam Lezhava

Mariam Lezhava is a communication specialist working in the field of culture. Currently, she is a Regional Communication Manager for the EU-funded project EU4Culture. She plans and manages project communication activities in six Eastern Partnership countries. 

Rusudan Ebralidze

Rusudan Ebralidze is a cultural manager with more than 10 years of working experience in the cultural sector in Georgia. Currently, she is working on the EU4Culture project. Specifically, she manages the “EU4Culture cities network” and coordinates grant opportunities (mobilities, festivals, cultural projects) for artists and cultural professionals, including young people from the Eastern Partnership countries. Since 2011, she’s been working for the largest musical festival in Georgia - “Tbilisi Open Air “.