Effective career guidance empowers individuals, makes economies efficient and societies fairer

Objective(s) of the session

  • Audience understands the importance of a lifelong and system approach to career guidance
  • Audience knows about the key insights from the reviews of national systems
  • Audience shares views on the way forward for career guidance in the regions

The session will introduce to the ETF-ILO approach to system reviews and what the elements of well-functioning systems of career guidance are. Further, key insights from the reviews in both Western Balkan and Eastern European countries will be shared to open a discussion on the way forward for countries. Please see related publications here:

Project in the frames of which the session was developed

European Training Foundation (ETF)


Florian Kadletz

Florian Kadletz works as Human Capital Development Expert for the European Training Foundation, an agency of the European Union providing policy advice and support to EU neighbouring and Central Asian countries and to European Commission services and EU Delegations on the reform of education, training and employment policies and systems. Among his main responsibilities is leading ETFs work in the area of career guidance.