Civil society toolbox - Tools for citizens

The Civil Society Toolbox is a collection of participatory methods useful for capacity building and organizational development, around which we created a community of organizations, educational practitioners, and toolbox enthusiasts, that all welcome horizontal approaches in the way they work.
If you are a member of a small team, civil society organization, or informal group and want to develop your working structure to juggle change, uncertainty, and complexity easier, or you are simply curious about inclusive and horizontal ways of working you can join this session and find out more about the toolbox.
We also welcome facilitators, that wish to enrich their portfolio of methods and learn about this particular approach and instrument.

Project in the frames of which the session was developed

The Civil Society Toolbox was developed in the scope of Tools For Citizens implemented by MitOst in cooperation with Socius, Comm’on and Anadolu Kültür and AoH Athina.


Andreea Breaz

Andreea is a civil society facilitator and startup founder, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She has been working with the Civil Society Toolbox as a coach and mentor for organizations all across Europe, to strengthen their capacities and improve their organizational culture since 2019.